John is a fantastic teacher- very patient and incredibly knowledgeable. He pointed out any mistakes made and was great at practicing all the maneuvers that would be required on the test. He truly prepared me for any request on my driving test and I passed the first time.

I cannot recommend John enough.

What is Pass Plus?

As a learner you may have not been on a motorway, which can be very daunting for early drivers. The speeds are unlike you have experienced, there are more vehicles and more lanes for you to deal with, as well as motorway restrictions and signs you encounter for the first time in a real situation.

After passing your practical test you may want to consider doing a Pass Plus, which is a short course aimed to further your skills as a driver and build confidence on motorways and include experience night-time driving. Your insurance may also be much lower if you are a Pass Plus pupil.

Pass Plus course includes 6 modules

The Pass plus includes a minimum of 6 hours of tuition, with no final test to take. Your instructor will monitor your progress over each modal and at the end of your course, you will complete a form which you can send off to the DSA who will present you with your Pass Plus certificate. You can give your certificate number over to your insurance provider to receive benefits such as discounted insurance.

Module 1: Intro to the course and practical session around town
Module 2: All weather driving
Module 3: Out of town driving, such as country roads
Module 4: Night-time driving
Module 5: Dual Carriage ways
Module 6: Motorways

Theory & Hazard Perception 

Theory and hazard perception training is included within our courses. If you require extra assistance with your theory and hazard perception then let us know and we can provide extra support where ever required.

Areas we cover

We cover all areas of Chelmsford

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